North Carolina Employee Ownership Center Launches Ambassador Program in Minnesota with Help from $100,000 AllState Foundation Grant

DURHAM, N.C.–The North Carolina Employee Ownership Center (NCEOC) is thrilled to announce its receipt of a substantial $100,000 grant from the AllState Foundation, further propelling its mission to champion employee ownership and contribute to closing the racial wealth gap in Minnesota and North Carolina. This grant aims to protect jobs, increase community wealth, and foster a more vibrant, inclusive economy. In tandem with this grant, NCEOC proudly unveils the expansion of its successful Ambassador Program to the state of Minnesota.

The North Carolina Employee Ownership Ambassador Program is designed for professionals working in economic development, business services, legal practice, financial advising, and related fields. This initiative allows participants to gain insights into employee ownership from individuals with hands-on experience in or with employee-owned businesses. Through this program, participants will connect with peers, fostering valuable relationships, and learn how to integrate their newfound knowledge and connections into their existing professional roles.

Lauren Tudor, Executive Director at NCEOC, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, “Our Ambassador Program has proven to be a transformative force in North Carolina, and we are thrilled to share this initiative with our counterparts in Minnesota. This expansion not only aligns with our commitment to broadening economic opportunities but also represents a collaborative effort to strengthen the fabric of employee ownership advocacy nationwide.”

Kirsten Kennedy, Executive Director at NCEOC, emphasized the broader impact of the program, saying, “By reaching across state lines, we are creating a network of informed and inspired professionals who can collectively drive the adoption of employee ownership principles. This is a pivotal step towards building a more equitable and resilient economic landscape.”

The Ambassador Program cohort participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of how employee ownership can safeguard jobs, enhance community wealth, and contribute to the creation of a more inclusive economy. The curriculum will cover the primary forms of employee ownership, including Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Worker Cooperatives, and Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs).

The $100,000 grant from the AllState Foundation will play a crucial role in supporting the expansion of the Ambassador Program to Minnesota, enabling NCEOC to provide resources, expertise, and networking opportunities for professionals eager to incorporate employee ownership principles into their work.

NCEOC extends its heartfelt gratitude to the AllState Foundation for its generous support and looks forward to building a more expansive and interconnected community of employee ownership advocates.

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About the North Carolina Employee Ownership Ambassador Program:

The Ambassador Program is an initiative by NCEOC that provides professionals in economic development, business services, legal practice, financial advising, and related fields with the opportunity to learn about employee ownership from experienced individuals. The program aims to facilitate connections among participants, fostering a community of advocates who can integrate employee ownership principles into their work.

About the Minnesota Center for Employee Ownership (MNCEO):

The Minnesota Employee Ownership Center (MNCEO), a member of the Employee Ownership Expansion Network of state centers, serves the entire state of Minnesota as the central hub for free, unbiased information on employee-ownership. Its primary mission is to educate business owners and their advisors on the benefits of employee ownership. MNCEO provides resources, case studies, articles, and a list of service providers who can assist with employee ownership transitions.

About the Employee Ownership Expansion Network

The Employee Ownership Expansion Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded on July 4th, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA and headquartered in Arlington, VA. Its mission is to significantly expand employee ownership in the United States by establishing and supporting a network of independent, nonprofit State Centers for Employee Ownership. To date, EOX has provided funding and technical assistance to support the opening of 13 State Centers. EOX’s goal is to create one million new employee owners by 2025. To learn more, visit

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