Celebrate! October is Employee Ownership Month

We are celebrating North Carolina’s 160 plus employee owned companies. Here we highlight the companies that have supported NCEOC’s work over the last year. Click on each image to learn more about each company’s employee ownership story.

NCEOC’s mission is to spread the word about employee owned businesses to help retain jobs and build resiliency in our business community. Please consider joining these companies in supporting our work with a tax deductible donation.

The Salem ESOP was launched in 2002 making all the employees beneficial owners of the company.

In 2012, the owners formed an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) and, as a result, over 500 employees are now 100% owners.

Hallam-ICS completed its journey to become 100% Employee Owned in 2015. 

May 2016, Electric Violin Shop founder Blaise Kielar sold his ownership interest in the business to three of our long-time employees–Chris Guin, Duncan Monserud and Susie Sneeringer–who restructured EVS into a worker-owned cooperative.

CNC machinery specialist ShopBot Tools announced it restructured as an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) summer of 2021.