Four Reasons to Join the Employee Ownership Ambassador Program

It’s estimated that 75% of privately held businesses don’t have a plan for who will own them when the founders or current leaders retire. We designed the Employee Ownership Ambassador Program to introduce the idea of employee ownership as a business succession option that has great benefits for business owners, employees, and communities. This program is ideal for business owners, economic developers, legal experts, financial advisors, chamber of commerce leaders, and anyone with a stake in a business’s long-term viability and legacy. 

This program will equip participants with the knowledge and tools to determine if one of the three major forms of employee ownership – Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), worker cooperatives, or Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) – might be a good fit for their own business or a business within their spheres of influence. 

If you’re interested in sustainable business succession that benefits owners, employees, and communities, read on to discover what makes our Ambassador Program a perfect choice!

Reason #1: Comprehensive Understanding of Employee Ownership Models

One of the key benefits of our Employee Ownership Ambassador Program is its comprehensive coverage of the three primary employee ownership models. Over the 4-week course, participants will learn about Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Worker Cooperatives, and Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs). 

This immersive learning experience, combining virtual meetings and asynchronous study, ensures participants have a well-rounded grasp of these models. You’ll dedicate about 8 hours to learning from professionals who successfully implemented these structures. 

Reason #2: Tailored for Diverse Professionals

The program is tailor-made for professionals who shape the business landscape, making it highly relevant whether you are a business owner, banker, wealth advisor, economic developer, or legal expert. This course is valuable for anyone looking to advise or transition a business to employee ownership.

Each session is designed to provide an overview of the pros and cons  of the various types of employee ownership and which would be the best fit for businesses based on revenue, number of employees, sector, location, and founder goals. Participants will receive practical insights and valuable strategies that you can directly apply to your professional setting, as well as the chance to ask questions of businesses who have implemented these forms of employee ownership and their advisors. Participating will enrich you with actionable knowledge to benefit your constituents, clients, and colleagues.  

Reason #3: Real-World Insights from Experts

Participants will have the unique opportunity to hear from seasoned experts and leaders in employee-owned businesses. The program features national and local speakers, each bringing diverse perspectives on employee ownership. 

Each session will include firsthand experiences, challenges, and success stories, providing a realistic view of what it takes to implement an employee ownership model. 

Reason #4: Networking and Community Building

One of this program’s most significant advantages is its networking opportunities. You’ll be able to forge meaningful connections with your fellow participants and session leaders, building a supportive community that extends beyond the program’s duration.

These relationships are instrumental in fostering collaboration and innovation, and they can be valuable as you work towards implementing employee ownership in your professional practice or at your own business. The shared experience nurtures a network of like-minded individuals committed to spreading the benefits of employee ownership and ensures you know who to contact with questions or ideas for collaboration.

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Are you ready to take your professional impact to the next level? Here’s what one participant had to say!

“NCEOC’s Employee Ownership Ambassador Program was engaging, informative and inspiring. The wealth of information shared by people across North Carolina who have rich experience and expertise in employee ownership was especially interesting to me. I also really appreciated the multiple modes of learning offered, including guest speakers, videos, online articles, and interaction with my cohort peers. I was already really excited about co-operatives, and left the program with even more enthusiasm for employee ownership in all of its forms as well as an increased confidence in being able to communicate about the many benefits they offer to individuals, organizations, and communities.” – Tanya Jisa

Join the Employee Ownership Ambassador Program and become a catalyst for community change! Our upcoming cohorts in August and September offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in employee ownership. 

Together, we can shape a more equitable and prosperous future. Secure your spot today.