NCEOC Celebrates Two Years

During the month of May, we are celebrating two years of existence and reflecting on our past work. Below is a report outlining our accomplishments and looking to the future. Scroll down to learn about our accomplishments over the past two years.

Excited about the movement? Consider donating to NCEOC. All donations receive a 50% match from EOX. Every $50 donation enables us to provide 30 minutes of pro bono consulting to a small business. Every $10 donation allows us to reach 1,000 people on social media. Want to make a bigger impact? Here are some of our funding needs:

  • $8,000 for anti-racism training and visioning of racial equity goals
  • $1,200 will cover our website for the entire year
  • $1,000 will support our yearly events
  • $5,000 for seed funding for the Train-the-Trainer program